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"It was the most important case I ever had and there was a witness who was deaf. I had no idea how to work with her. PULA Legal Interpreting was there every step of the way taking the pressure off me so I could concentrate on other parts of the trial. Thanks!"
Bill Strathmore
We were blown away by the breadth of knowledge PULA had regarding interpretative services of all kinds. It's above and beyond what was expected, we felt like we were working with a mentor even though we weren't aware of it. We came out of the experience knowing more than ever, empowered and, thanks to Bonnie Faye and the crew it was effortless! As they say, when the student is ready the teacher or in this case consultant shows up. We were in the process of creating an ASL-oriented history tour when a random client reached out to us requesting that we provide them with an ADA-compliant interpreter. There wasn't much time, we didn't know how to respond. PULA was there! I'm so glad we reached out to them. They walked us through all the steps, helped us write a proper response, and advised us on our future tour. A fantastic experience. In the end, our client was delighted in our response and wrote us a 5 star Google review! That's called results. Everybody was delighted. You owe it to yourself to go with PULA!!
Brian Leppla
Owner Haunted San Diego Ghost Tours
"Not only does Legal Interpreting get the job done, they support our staff regarding ADA compliance. We had no idea this field was so complex. For anyone needing on-time, accurate and professional legal interpreting services, PULA Legal Interpreting is the only choice."
David Janisch
Event Coordinator