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Under the ADA and other regulations, local and state courts are required to provide auxiliary aids to ensure effective communication with deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals in civil, as well as criminal, proceedings.

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For the most reliable, consistent and competent national interpretation services available to those representing the Deaf community in legal situations, contact Legal Interpreting!

Client-Attorney Appointments

After 24 years of business, we have learned rapport is critical.

For this reason, we may ask a LOT of questions! We know that there are a myriad of linguistic options to meet your needs. We are interested in finding the perfect interpreter for you and your client.

Field Interview / Station Interview

Questioning of a survivor, suspect or witness by law enforcement authorities.

Once a person is arrested as a prime suspect, he / she is entitled to be informed of their legal rights, and in no case may the field or station interview violate the rules of due process.  It is crucial during questioning, for the interpreter to have a clear and accurate communication between law enforcement and the interviewee.  Our interpreters have the credentials, qualifications and expertise to navigare linguistically as well as culturally to ensure accurate communication. 


Due Process! Depositions are to be handled with integrity as the case very well may go to court.

Did you know that attorneys that KNOW the Deaf Community, also perceive immediately, the quality of the interpreter you hired. The quality of the interpreter hired, supports the quality of the deposition.  

Regarding ASL accountability, one interpreter eliminates verification and authenticating of the interpretation given. The management of Pula feels strongly about having two ASL interpreters in the deposition room.  For example, how many attorneys are in the room? Why, if there is a balance of Inquiry (as there should be),  why in the process of interpreting the message, is there the desire to cut accountability and hire only one interpreter?

How many other individuals in the room know what the client is saying? When the client struggles with language, who bears the responsibility of the communication process?  

Pula maintains the accountability and accuracy of any deposition is accomplished with two interpreters.

Miranda Warnings

Being CONFIDENT that the message of "YOUR RIGHTS" is clear, Miranda Warnings have supported a case, and have lost a case.

Because there is an arrestee whose first language is not English, does not mean we throw “English” words at the arrestee and expect them to understand the important message before them.

Communication of their Rights is critical and should not be left to any interpreter that has not experienced several Miranda trainings. One training does not make an expert.

Be confident in Pula cares about each and every arrest. We work with the community as well as the Police Departments making sure all parties communications are understood allowing for the process to be effective.

Pula has validation on who has had the appropriate training, and if an interpreter does not have the training, Pula’s office can share where to find the appropriate training, so that no one is left without the opportunity for enhancing skills.

Exotic Language

Pula works with every language request - and we have worked with many different cultures. Any language beyond English is classified as exotic language, including ASL.

While we specialize in ASL interpreting and training, we have worked with other languages, providing translation and interpretation.

We have worked with legal interpreters in different courts since 1997 have as well provided trainings in Forensic Listening for a variety of interpreting conferences outside of the ASL profession.

Every language is unique, and the care we take to find the best ASL interpreter, is the same approach we use to find an interpreter for any situation.


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Police Interactions

When one community is forced upon another community, we can have escalation or de escalation, depending on the skills of the officers.

How many officers have an in depth understanding of the Deaf Culture, or the Deaf Irianing culture? Or the Deaf Russian?

Pula with other Deaf Agencies have trained and shared information to the cadets during their 15 minute morning calls. We have options available for your officers.

What happens when you yell at someone and they don’t turn around. What happens to your emotions. Recognizing there maybe confusion as words are flying, but communication is not happening.

Let us help in developing awareness with your officers!

Investigative Processes

There is an unique process of 'Listening' during any investigation.

Our Interpreters that have been trained in Forensic Listening, have a different developed skill of listening.

The ASL client, or the indigenous language user has a communication process that has nothing to do with English. Community or novice interpreters do not automatically carry this skill. As we are processing the information before us, the Pula interpreters have learned to step outside of Explicit and employ the entire spectrum of listening criterias. (see Forensic Listening).


Interpreters/translators act as neutral parties during mediation.

Mediation can be used to resolve disputes of any magnitude and is used as an alternative dispute resolution resolving disputes between two or more parties with solid effects. A neutral third party, mediator, helps parties discuss and try to resolve the dispute. Courts can require certain cases to go to mediation, but the process remains “voluntary” in which parties are not required to come to an agreement. Interpreters/translators follow a strict Code of Professional Conduct and remain neutral before, during and after the mediation process. Written by Maria Coronado

Expert Witness

During a 2017, Federal ADA Trial - my team and I watched, fighting tears as we listened to the worse "EXPERT" witness I have ever witness.

As interpreters, we are not to choose sides, however hearing the inept testimony on something he knew nothing about – expect for numbers.

My team and I are both convinced he was one of the main factors for the case failing.

There is nothing more critical than having an awareness of the CULTURAL issues. The Deaf community is not an anagram of numbers.

Pula Legal Interpreting has resources that will build your case, not destroy or mitigate all the hours you have worked to manage this case / trial.

Business Mentor

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